Stay Clear Off Insects with a Powerful Yet Natural DIY Insect Repellent from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Stay Clear Off Insects with a Powerful Yet Natural DIY Insect Repellent from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is quite popular for its wonderful, uplifting citrusy scent akin to fresh oranges which has become everyone’s favorite. This refreshing scent gives sweet orange oil its energizing and revitalizing effect on everyone who’s lucky enough to take a whiff of it, especially on a dreary day.

In addition to sweet orange oil’s relaxing yet cheerful vibe, mother nature’s gift has loads more to offer. This essential oil has cleansing, stimulating and toning action which makes it an ideal detoxification treatment along with other lymphatic stimulants. It is also great for dispelling tantrums and frustrations, replacing this negative energy with a warm and bright disposition.

Moreover, the benefits of sweet orange essential oil crosses over from being a therapeutic treatment to the mind and body to being an amazing addition to homemade cleaning and beauty products.

With all these remarkable effects that sweet orange oil have, many tend to forget about its effectiveness against insects.

Sweet Orange Oil as an Insect Repellent

Citrus sinensus, or otherwise known as sweet orange, is a favorite fruit of many people all over the world. Without these people’s knowledge, sweet orange is not just a healthy product of nature. It is also rich in the substance limonene, found in its peel and zest, which is lethal to insects such as fleas, fire ants, mosquitoes and flies. Its high level of limonene, which is 90 to 95%, therefore, makes sweet orange oil a very effective insect repellent.

The limonene in sweet orange oil affects insects on contact, suffocating them and damaging their respiratory systems. Even just the scent of oranges repels flies and mosquitoes.

DIY Insect Repellent Recipes

Lotion: Mix a few drops of sweet orange oil into an aroma-free lotion or carrier oil. Use it whenever necessary but be sure to stay away from sunlight.

Spray: Fill a glass spray bottle with water and add a few drops of orange oil plus tea tree oil and mix well. Spray it all over your body when needed.

Sweet orange essential oil is a very effective insect repellent without the harmful chemical substances. But do remember to only use high-grade essential oils for the best results. Inferior oils from unknown companies are noted for their negative effects, so steer clear off those.

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