Never Let Your Growing Toddler Miss Nap Time with the Help of a Drop of Lavender Essential Oil

Never Let Your Growing Toddler Miss Nap Time with the Help of a Drop of Lavender Essential Oil

Nap time can be a struggle for both parents and toddlers. But it is not something a bottle of lavender essential oil can’t help with. Just a drop of this precious natural chemical can make even the most hyperactive tot calm down and fall into a relaxing slumber.

Kids have so much energy in them that sometimes they would want to run around and play all day instead of taking a much needed rest and indulge in their nap time. Making toddlers sleep an hour or so in the afternoon can be a very difficult task for parents. And when children lose this downtime, it results to being overtired which, not only makes them cranky, but might also result to difficulty in falling asleep at bedtime.

Fortunately, lavender oil can help with this problem easily. You don’t even need to prepare a blend or mixture because lavender essential oil is one of the safest oils around. This makes it especially helpful and easy to use on kids.

You can put a few drops into your diffuser and run it during your child’s bedtime.

Or you can put a drop or two on his pillow or sheets.

You can even directly apply this oil on your child’s feet, chest or temples.

Also, you can use it in the bath when you wash your child before sleeping.

Try these simple ways of using lavender oil and you will be surprised at the effect they have on your toddler.

With its power of making the fussiest sleeper fall into a deep sleep, it is no wonder why lavender essential oil is the most well-known oil in the world. Its relaxing aroma is its signature characteristic and what makes it very popular.

But aside from helping parents put their tots to bed easily, the benefits of lavender essential oil also covers an extensive variety of ailments and conditions. These would include helping with stress and anxiety problems, with symptoms of diabetes, treating wounds and other skin problems, relieving pain and headaches, and so much more.

It pays to have a bottle of the best lavender essential oil on hand. And getting one from Juju Aroma assures you of a quality product that will give you the best benefits. Find out what customers are saying about Juju Aroma’s lavender essential oil now and get one for your own.

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