A Guide to Cooking With Your Favorite Essential Oil: Rosemary Oil

A Guide to Cooking With Your Favorite Essential Oil Rosemary Oil


Have you ever thought of using your rosemary oil as an ingredient in your favorite dish? Because you can! Just as long as your essential oil is the food grade type which is very much safe for internal use.

Experiment with one of nature’s most powerful gifts not just with your personal products, cleaning items and alternative medicines, but also in the kitchen. Essential oils are an all-rounder!

Essential Oil Cooking Safety

Before you go on with your essential oil cooking adventure, do remember these guidelines and ensure proper use and safety.

The first rule of cooking with essential oils is “use the tiniest bit initially”.

One drop of essential oil is often too much when cooking. Use a toothpick or skewers in adding them to a dish.

Add your essential oil to the cooking oil to distribute the flavor evenly.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are very potent when used inappropriately. Please practice precaution not just in cooking with them but in everything you do with these oils.

Cooking with Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is one of your chef’s favorite ingredients to cook with. It is an aromatic and pungent herb that pairs well with roasted lamb, garlic and olive oil. But when it comes to rosemary essential oil, how can you cook with it?

Here are some tips in cooking that our essential oil gurus want to share.

Put a few drops of rosemary essential oil on your hands and rub it in your meat to reduce the carcinogens in it.

Mix a couple of drops of this oil into your hamburger before making patties.

Add a drop or two of rosemary oil to the olive oil in your marinades, dressings or even to your pizza dough.

A drop of this pungent oil will heighten the flavor of vegetables and pasta dishes.

The benefits of rosemary essential oil go beyond its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial and analgesic properties, to name a few. It is also the best when it comes to your culinary adventures. But for this, never forget to use food grade essential oil!

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Surprisingly Useful DIY Home Cleaners made from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Surprisingly Useful DIY Home Cleaners made from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is known for its citrusy, refreshing and cheerful scent that makes it a favorite ingredient in many beauty products. It is quite popular for its beneficial contribution in hair and skin items because of its immunity-boosting effects and antibacterial properties. Many consumers also prefer products with sweet orange oil because of its uplifting fruity smell.

However, aside from the beauty products and many personal items that carry the sweet orange oil, you might be surprised at the countless home cleaners that are made with it. This versatile oil is known to boost the cleaning powers of many cleaning agents that make them more effective.

So, without further ado, here are some recipes that you can make to keep your home clean and smelling great.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Homemade Cleaners

The cheerfulness that sweet orange oil adds to cleaning agents makes it a wonderful way to keep your home germ-free and refreshing. These do-it-yourself cleaners are an easy, effective and natural way to clean your home without the harmful chemicals that most cleaning agents have.

All Purpose Cleaner


1 cup white vinegar

1 cup water

½ tablespoon dish soap

15 drops sweet orange essential oil

Mix all the ingredients in a large spray bottle and blend well. Spray your cleaner on surfaces and wipe clean.

Sink Scrubber


1 cup baking soda

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

4 drops sweet orange oil

Mix the ingredients in an airtight container. Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons into the sink and scrub clean.



1 cup baking soda

10 drops sweet orange essential oil

5 drops lemon oil

Combine the ingredients and sprinkle it onto your carpet or other areas of the house. Let sit for an hour and vacuum thoroughly.

These DIY cleaners are safe and effective, unlike your chemical-laden cleansers. Moreover, the benefits of sweet orange essential oil improve the cleaning abilities of your homemade cleaning agents.

Research has revealed sweet orange oil to be effective in fighting cancerous tumors, improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and easing anxiety among others. Its zesty scent is also an added bonus.

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Amazing Tea Tree Oil DIY Recipes for Certain Skin Conditions

Amazing Tea Tree Oil DIY Recipes for Certain Skin Conditions

Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful essential oils all over the world because of its strong antiseptic property and its ability to treat wounds. Derived mainly from the native Australian plant, Tea Tree, this oil has been used in medicine for centuries in the land down under.

Currently, due to its versatility, tea tree oil can be found in many household and cosmetic products throughout the globe and should be a part of everyone’s natural medicine kit.

Tea Tree Oil for Stubborn Skin Issues

Aside from the popular use of tea tree essential oil as a treatment for wounds and other injuries, it is also known for its benefits as in certain skin conditions.

Here are some of its uses in treating skin infections and diseases.


Tea tree oil is considered the most effective homemade treatment for acne. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it as effective as benzoyl peroxide without the side effects, such as skin redness and peeling.


2 tsps. raw honey

5 drops tea tree essential oil

Rub the mixture on your face and leave it on for 1 minute then rinse thoroughly.

Psoriasis and Eczema

Because it can relieve many types of inflammation, tea tree oil is often made into lotions and creams. It is known as a natural remedy for eczema and it can help reduce psoriasis.


1 tsp. coconut oil

5 drops tea tree oil

5 drops lavender oil

Apply the lotion on the affected body part daily and try supplementing with vitamin D3.

Toenail Fungus, Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm

Tea tree oil is an effective parasite and fungus killer which makes it the perfect treatment for toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and ringworm. You can put it, undiluted, on the affected part using a cotton swab.

The benefits of tea tree essential oil are not only limited to skin problems. It can be made into many household, as well as beauty products. It is beneficial to the hair and scalp and can be used as an effective deodorant. It is indeed one versatile essential oil.

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New To Essential Oils? Here Are Some Recipes And Blends You Can Make With That Bottle Of Lavender Oil

New To Essential Oils Here Are Some Recipes And Blends You Can Make With That Bottle Of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil may be the most popular essential oil to date. Even people who are not members of the essential oil world know of this pleasant smelling oil and even love its scent on their lotions, creams and other personal belongings. Its relaxing aroma and calming effects make it a favorite among essential oil users.

So when you get your hands on your bottle of lavender oil, do you know what to do with it?

Lavender Oil Recipes

Whether it’s a beauty product or for personal hygiene, a DIY recipe for aches and pains or an all-around cleaner, there’s a lavender oil recipe for that.

Here are some of the most used recipes for lavender essential oil that you can easily whip up.

Lavender oil for acne scars


2 teaspoons raw honey

3 drops lavender oil

3 drops tea tree oil

3 drops frankincense oil

Just mix the ingredients together and apply it on your clean face. Let it stay for an hour before rinsing it off.

Lavender oil bubble bath


1 cup castile soap, unscented

½ cup vegetable glycerin

15 drops lavender oil essential oil

2 tablespoons water

Mix all the ingredients together until all are well combined and place in a glass container. To use, just add ¼ to ½ cup of your bubble bath mixture to warm, running bath water.

Analgesic massage oil


1 tablespoon of carrier oil (castor or coconut oil)

A few drops of lavender essential oil

Mix these two ingredients together and massage it on the affected area. A drop or two of lavender oil can also be applied undiluted to sore muscles to relieve pain.

Al- purpose cleaner


1 cup vinegar

1 cup distilled water

30 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

Add the essential oils and vinegar in a glass spray bottle and shake well. Add the water and shake again. To clean surfaces, shake the bottle, spray on the area and wipe clean with a cloth.

The benefits of lavender essential oil can be implied from the recipes it can be made with. It is an amazing oil with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and relaxing benefits. But these positive effects don’t end there. The list of therapeutic gains you can get from lavender oil are endless. Just try it and experience holistic wellness yourself.;

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Keep Your Skin Bright and Healthy With These Surprising Uses Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Keep Your Skin Bright and Healthy With These Surprising Uses Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is quite popular for its wonderful citrusy smell that people love. And it is loaded with so many health benefits that make it one of the most versatile essential oils out there.

Aside from its relaxing and stress relief benefits, you may be surprised that this sweet smelling oil can be mixed and made into your favorite skin care products for perfectly healthy and bright skin. Learn about these natural sweet orange essential oil beauty products that you can make right at home.

Body Exfoliate

To rejuvenate your skin naturally, just look through your kitchen and you’d be surprise to see all the ingredients you will need plus sweet orange oil to make the best exfoliate for younger looking skin.

Coffee grinds from freshly brewed coffee (so they are still damp and soft)

One teaspoon of raw honey

A few drops of sweet orange oil

Just mix all the ingredients together and apply it on your face or body to brighten your skin and defeat skin aging. It is also great for getting rid of dark bags under your eyes.

Body Scrub

Dead skin cells make your skin look dull. That’s why it is best to use a body scrub to get rid of these elements that make skin dry and gray, and naturally hydrated.

A base of sea salt or raw sugar

Apricot seed oil

5 drops of sweet orange essential oil

You can also add a few drops of lemon oil or fresh lemon juice if you have scars you want to lighten.

Oil Control Toner

One of the most loved benefits of sweet orange essential oil by beauty buffs is its ability to control oil action. If you have oily face then this toner is for you.

One teaspoon aloe vera gel

Four drops sweet orange oil

Distilled water

Mix them all together in a 2 ounce spray bottle and spritz it on your face to reduce the effects of your overworking oil glands.

Sweet orange essential oil is potent enough as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory but light enough to be used on the skin, especially on the face. This makes this citrus oil a perfect addition to your skin care regimen. But make sure you use quality oils in your aromatherapy in order to fully benefit from it. Learn about the best oils at Juju Aroma now. Customers are saying that their oils are 100% pure essential oils. Visit Juju Aroma now and see what customers are talking about.






Clear Up Allergies With One Of The Most Versatile Essential Oils: Peppermint Oil

Clear Up Allergies With One Of The Most Versatile Essential Oils Peppermint Oil

Allergy season is coming up and you’d better prepare yourself with one of nature’s defenses, the versatile peppermint oil. You don’t always have to depend on medicines and other chemical filled treatment or prophylaxis for the annoying allergy brought about by many different allergens. Just one whiff of the pleasant smelling essential oils is enough to clear up your clogged sinuses and stop sneezing and other symptoms in their tracks.

If you haven’t tried essential oils yet, maybe it’s time you do.

All About Peppermint Oil

There may be an allergy season, but allergies still occur year-round. And peppermint essential oil can be your natural ally against its distracting symptoms. Not only that, though, peppermint oil is so versatile it is suitable for many different oral and topical uses and there are only several conditions it can do nothing about.

Peppermint oil can often unclog sinuses and relieve scratchy throats immediately. It provides relief for allergies, as well as colds, coughs, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis. The leading cause of allergic reactions, which is inflammation, can be reduced just by using this oil.

Certain studies have revealed that peppermint oil causes relaxation and has antispasmodic properties that inhibit contractions causing cough. It was also shown that this versatile oil has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions such as allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

Using Peppermint Oil

To relieve scratchy throat and clogged sinuses, simply infuse five drops and inhale all the benefits of peppermint essential oil. This also helps relax the nasal passages which helps clear out mucus and allergens

Taking peppermint oil orally can also be done. It is commonly used to reduce inflammation. For this, you can take 1-2 drops of food-grade pure essential oil or add it to a glass of water or tea.

Topical use is also advisable to relieve sore muscles. For those with sensitive skin, it is best to use peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba.

Peppermint oil is indeed one of the most useful and versatile essential oils out there. Just be careful in getting your own bottle of this precious oil. Make sure yours come from a reputable source so that the quality is topnotch, just like those from Juju Aroma. As one Amazon customer claimed, “Juju Aroma’s peppermint helps clear my sinus headaches quickly… seems like the real deal to me.” Grab your bottle now from Juju Aroma and experience all its benefits. Visit their website now.






Treat Your Wounds And Prevent Infection Using Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Treat Your Wounds And Prevent Infection Using Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most popular oils for aromatherapy today. This native Australian evergreen tree has benefits that range from simple wound care to treatment of respiratory conditions.

All About Eucalyptus Oil

The leaves of the Eucalyptus tree was first distilled near Melbourne in 1852. According to English folklore, some settlers used the leaves of this tree to treat an almost severed thumb from using an ax. After tightly binding the leaves around the wound, the thumb healed quickly and was never infected.

Surgeons were quite amazed by how the healing process was sped up and claimed that Eucalyptus was indeed an effective treatment for wounds. Because of this, pharmacists soon began producing Eucalytptus oil by distillation.

Eucalyptus Oil for Wound Care

As the major food source full of nutrients for koalas in Australia, this flora also boasts of numerous medicinal benefits.

One of the most notable qualities that this plant has is its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which makes it a very effective treatment for wounds, cuts, burns and abrasions. It is commonly made into salves and ointments that is applied on the skin injury. It then keeps the area from getting infected and helps heal it faster.

This property comes from its ability to stimulate immunity and provide antioxidant protection. Research has revealed that this is due to the chemical cineole, which Eucalyptus has the highest levels of among other flora. Cineole is an impressive organic compound which is responsible for reducing inflammation and even killing leukemia cells.

The other benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil is extensive. Here are some of it.

It is a natural bug repellant and can be used on bug bites and stings.

It works as an expectorant and is effective for treatment of respiratory conditions such as colds and flu. Those with asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia also benefit greatly from this essential oil.

Allergies and sinus issues improve faster with supplemental Eucalyptus oil.

It helps keep hair healthy.

It is an effective odor remover and can be used on pets for grooming.

The list of benefits provided by Eucalyptus essential oil does not end here. But with the ones listed, you’d have to agree that this is one amazing oil.

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Tea Tree Oil Use For Aging Skin Care Regimen

Tea Tree Oil Use For Aging Skin Care Regimen

Did you know that tea tree oil is an effective addition to your skin care regimen that can prevent damages from environmental factors as well as from the stresses of everyday life? Not only is it effective but it is also natural and healthy. Furthermore, tea tree oil’s benefits are not limited to the skin. It also has mental and emotional benefits.

Even more impressive for tea tree essential oil is that it is a favorable oil for use of the elderly. It has powerful antioxidant properties that can prevent the effect of sun damage to the skin.

What Happens to Our Skin as We Grow Old?

As we age, our skin undergoes many undesirable changes such as wrinkles and loose, sagging skin. Add to that the constant exposure to the sun and our skin develops age spots.

These are probably the most problematic skin conditions we face as we age.

Thin, translucent skin. As we age, the production of oil by the oil glands reduces and the blood vessels become fragile. This causes the skin to become thin and loose its elasticity.

Increased vulnerability to injuries. Because the skin has become thinner and loses its protective subcutaneous fat layer and elasticity, it becomes more susceptible to injuries.  The ability to heal is also affected and skin repair becomes quite slow.

Age spots. Exposure to sun causes age spots or liver spots which are the large pigmented areas of the skin that is constantly exposed. This is a cause of worry since it can lead to skin cancer.

How can Tea Tree Oil Help Make Skin Healthy?

Prevention of skin problems should start at an early age. Proper hygiene, moisturizers and protection from the sun are effective in keeping the skin healthy. Proper diet and exercise also has a significant role in skin health.

Although it is not too late to use these tips in your old age, a more efficient way would be to use natural antioxidants and other non-invasive therapies.

The benefits of tea tree essential oil to the skin make it a favorable approach:

Prevents sun damage.

Helps moisturize and protect the scalp.

Prevents acne.

Eliminates nail fungus and helps soften dry cuticles.

Tea tree oil will definitely give you healthier skin even as you age. As long as you use 100% pure, natural ones like Juju Aroma essential oils, that is. A verified purchase from Amazon claims that Juju Aroma’s tea tree oil is “awesome. The quality is fantastic, not cheap and runny.” So head on over to their website and learn more about them. Check them out now.






With Lavender Essential Oil, Putting Kids To Sleep Has Never Been This Easy

With Lavender Essential Oil, Putting Kids To Sleep Has Never Been This Easy

Lavender essential oil is quite popular with people suffering from insomnia or those who have unhealthy sleeping habits and find it hard to sleep. As one of the best oils for sleeping problems, it will be no surprise if your kids also benefit from this amazing oil.

Kids and Sleep

If you have kids, you have probably faced the problem of putting them to sleep or forcing them to take a nap. Sleep and young children don’t seem to get along well, especially when they are caught up in play or in activity. And no matter what type of coercing or bribery you use, it doesn’t work. So, you make use of force and the crying starts. And then, you give up.

But why should you oblige your children to take a nap during the day and sleep early at night

Benefits of napping and proper sleep on young children

Sleep promotes growth, lack of it does otherwise. Growth hormones are release during deep sleep, which is essential for adequate growth.

It is good for the heart. Healthy sleeping habits protect kids from vascular damage due to circulating stress hormones and arterial wall-damaging cholesterol.

Cognitive development happens during nap time. Sleep aids in the learning process of children at all ages.

It increases a child’s attention span. Kids who lack sleep can be impulsive and distracted, while those who have at least ten hours shuteye at night have better mood and concentration.

With these benefits and more, parents can’t skip their children’s nap time and require them to sleep early at night. But sometimes, it can be quite hard. Don’t fret, though. Lavender oil is your answer.

Lavender Oil and Children’s Sleep

Lavender oil is probably the most popular essential oil for sleeping disorders. And the benefits of lavender essential oil go beyond its role in sleep. But for parents who are tired of always forcing children to take a nap and sleep early, this oil does wonders.

Inhalation of lavender oil is the safest but quite effective way of using it. Just a few drops of it on a cotton ball placed near your child’s pillow is enough to get them to sleep. A diffuser will also be useful.

Topical application can also be used. But make sure to use a carrier oil since essential oils can be potent. Spread it on the chest, shoulders or feet and your child will soon fall into a peaceful sleep.

These are not just for kids, though, adults can make use of these ways as well. With quality essential oils from Juju Aroma, you will experience the best effects. A user rated it 5 stars on Amazon and said “it really aids in my sleep and smells wonderful.” Check it out at Juju Aroma, now.




A Guide to Diluting your Favorite Lavender Essential Oil

A Guide to Diluting your Favorite Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils today. It has been a favorite with essential oil users because of its relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating effects, perfect after a hard day’s work.

All About Lavender Essential Oil

The use of lavender oil in aromatherapy as an alternative to medicine has been known for many centuries. Its characteristic smell is favored by most consumers, even those not familiar with essential oils. However, its calming scent is just the tip of the ice berg. Aside from its relaxing effects, it also helps improve respiratory conditions and is an effective pain reliever. It has a holistic therapeutic effect on the body.

Many household and personal products are also known to have been infused with lavender oil because of its many benefits. From cleaning to laundry items and toiletries to creams and lotions, lavender oil can be found.

Using Lavender Oil

The benefits of lavender essential oil are vast. But you should be aware of the dangers of using it since this oil is very potent. Although it doesn’t require diluting since it doesn’t easily cause skin irritation, just a drop or two is all you need to experience its positive effects. And it can easily be mixed with your favorite oils, lotions and creams.

Minor burns and bruises – massage a drop or two topically to relieve pain and swelling, as well as to decrease redness.

Use in humidifiers – a few drops of oil into the humidifier is enough to relieve an inflamed airway from a flu or cold. Be careful, though, because using too much can make your condition worse and can even cause eye irritation.

Moisturizing oils and lotions – mixing a few drops of lavender into your favorite lotion can help relieve sore muscles, get rid of headaches and can make you smell good.

Insect repellant – mixing a few drops to grapefruit or eucalyptus oil will make the prefect anti-bug spray for outdoor use.

Cooking – as an additive to many dishes, a small quantity of food grade lavender oil does wonders in bringing out wonderful flavors.

The many benefits of lavender essential oil cannot be denied. But you need high quality ones in order to experience the best effects. Juju Aroma essential oils are 100% pure essential oils and are guaranteed to give you the best experience. Visit Juju Aroma today and get the best lavender essential oil, which actual users claim to “really aid my sleep and smell wonderful…” Its 5 star rating out of 5 says it all. Check Juju Aroma now.

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