Prevent Baldness and Improve your Hair Growth and Its Health with Rosemary Essential Oil

Prevent Baldness and Improve your Hair Growth and Its Health with Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is one of the most powerful essential oils in the world. Its use has been traced back to ancient times where Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews considered it sacred and used it to improve memory, relieve digestive problems and help treat muscle aches and pains.

Apart from these uses, rosemary essential oil has also been used to help with hair problems, specifically with hair growth. And now, many skin and hair care products have made rosemary oil one of their main ingredient because of its amazing properties.

What makes this essential oil a favorite when it comes to hair care?

Properties of Rosemary Essential Oil

The aromatic herb Rosemary is a favorite in the kitchen especially when you’re cooking potatoes and roast lamb. But aside from being satisfactory to our taste buds, this well-loved herb also produces an essential oil that is proven to be therapeutic in many ways.

  • Rosemary oil has an antioxidant ORAC (oxygen radical substance capacity) value of 11,070 which is the same as that of Goji Berries. This just proves how rich and potent it is as an antioxidant.
  • Moreover, rosemary essential oil is also known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. And it is now being studied for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.
  • It contains the chemical carnosol that balances androgen and estrogen levels in the body, lowers DHT (for improving hair growth and prostate health) and increases nerve growth factor thereby healing nerve tissues.

Rosemary Essential Oil in Hair Care

The substance carnosol in rosemary essential oil is responsible for lowering the dihyroxytestosterone which results to better hair growth. This makes it a popular element in hair care products.

  • It stimulates hair growth.
  • It can prevent baldness.
  • It can delay graying of hair.
  • It can help treat dandruff and dry scalp.

Research on rosemary oil has revealed it to increase hair growth by 22.4%.

These are just the benefits of rosemary essential oil to our hair. There are still countless therapeutic benefits that this amazing oil can provide to our overall health.

Rosemary essential oil can be mixed with carrier oils and massage onto the scalp for healthy hair. It can also be blended with other essential oils for a more potent effect.

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Turn your Gloomy World Around and Get Rid of Depression with the Help of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Turn your Gloomy World Around and Get Rid of Depression with the Help of Sweet Orange  Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is definitely one of the most pleasant-smelling essential oils in the world. And this is probably the reason why it helps uplift the mood of everyone using it for aromatherapy.

Research has shown how this wonderfully sweet-scented oil turns someone feeling blue more cheerful and feeling positive.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil as an Anti-Depressant

One of the most common and most popular benefits of sweet orange oil is soothing emotional outbursts and helping relieve the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. It is a mood lifter that is well-loved by most aromatherapy fans.

This essential oil, extracted from the peel of the orange fruit, has properties that make it an effective anti-depressant.

It contains the substances Geraniol, Alpha-Pinene and Limonene, which are anti-depressant constituents.

It has a sweet, pleasant smell known to uplift the spirit and produce relaxing effects.

Studies have proven it to reduce heart rate and cortisol levels (linked to depression) due to stress and anxiety.

This is the reason why sweet orange oil is one of the most effective essential oils for fighting depression.

And the best way to reap these effects and defeat depression is through aromatherapy. You can pour a drop or two of sweet orange oil onto your palms, rub them together and breathe in the aroma. Or you can place a couple of drops into your diffuse and enjoy the wonderful scent in your room. You will see that your mood will begin to improve shortly after doing one of these.

Benefits of Sweet Orange Oil

Fighting feelings of defeat is not the only thing sweet orange oil is good for. It has so many therapeutic benefits aside from making people more cheerful.

And some of the benefits of sweet orange essential oil are:

It can help relieve seasonal allergies.

It can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

It helps promote clear, healthy skin.

It can help improve digestion.

It has antibacterial properties that make it an effective antiseptic around your home.

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Use Peppermint Essential Oil and These Recipes to Improve Your Oral Health

Use Peppermint Essential Oil and These Recipes to Improve Your Oral Health

Have you ever noticed how most toothpastes and mouthwashes taste and smell like peppermint essential oil? Well, that’s because peppermint is a frequent ingredient in many oral products.

With the many qualities of peppermint essential oil that are beneficial to the teeth and oral cavity, it has become a common and frequent component of most companies’ oral hygiene products.

What qualities do peppermint essential oil really have?

Peppermint Essential Oil and Its Benefits

Along with lavender oil, peppermint oil is considered the most versatile essential oil in the world. Its characteristics make it a top choice if you want to have a healthy oral cavity as well as an improved overall health.

It gives a cooling sensation and a calming effect on the body which helps sore muscles.

It has antimicrobial properties that help it combat bad breath effectively.

It has anti-nausea benefits and has the ability to sooth the gastric lining and the colon.

It also has antispasmodic effects that reduce muscle spasms.

The benefits of peppermint essential oil include:

Helps relieves stomachache and headaches.

Alleviates digestive issues.

Freshens bad breath.

Improves mental state.

Helps clear the respiratory tract.

Increases energy levels.

Relieves tension from the muscles.

With all these amazing properties and impressive benefits, it is no wonder why peppermint oil is considered one of the most versatile essential oil today.

Peppermint Oil Recipes for Healthy Teeth and Mouth

If you want to have healthier teeth and fresher breath, there’s no better essential oil than peppermint oil. This side of peppermint oil has been tried and tested for thousands of years. As a natural remedy for cavities and bad breath, it is so much better than mouthwashes loaded with chemicals.

Now, here’s a peppermint oil recipe that will naturally freshen your breath.

Peppermint Oil for Bad Breath

Add 1 drop with toothpaste and gargle with peppermint infused water daily.

Essential Oil Mouth Wash with Whitening Effect

Mix 1 cup of water, 1 tsp baking soda, 4 drops of peppermint oil and 4 drops of tea tree oil. Shake well before using every time you gargle.

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Lavender Essential Oil: Your Best Partner in Hair Care

Lavender Essential Oil Your Best Partner in Hair Care

Did you know that lavender essential oil is not only great for relaxing and calming your senses but that it also does wonderful things to your hair? Believe it or not, essential oils have more than just one benefit. And lavender oil proves this. It is not only therapeutic but can also be an amazing beauty product, especially for your hair.

Lavender Oil for your Hair Care Regimen

The number of hair care products all around us is quite overwhelming. But since most of these products contain chemicals and artificial substances, it can be scary using them.

Fortunately, you can go natural with your hair care routine and use lavender oil instead of the ready to use bottles found in stores.

Just take a look at the benefits of lavender essential oil to your hair.

It gets rid of lice and its eggs.

It prevents hair loss and helps control alopecia.

It promotes healthy hair growth.

It improves blood circulation to the scalp.

It is an antifungal which helps treat dandruff.

It helps delay graying of the hair.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Hair

Lavender oil has been used by ancient civilizations for the many different benefits it provides. Until now, it is still being used on its own or as an ingredient in many health products. Its wonderful fragrance and numerous therapeutic effects to the body and mind are loved by all. No wonder it is a frequent component in personal body and beauty products, especially those for the hair.

However, you don’t have to rely on these products all the time. You can also make your own lavender products to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Here’s how.

For hair growth (plus a peaceful sleep):

Mix 1 tsp of lavender oil with 2 tsp of coconut oil. Massage onto your scalp and leave on overnight for optimum results. Cover your hair with a towel to prevent staining your sheets. Rinse it thoroughly in the morning and repeat twice a week for a couple of month and see the results.

Essential oil blend to boost hair health:

Mix these oils together – 3 drops lavender

2 drops rosemary

2 drops thyme

2 drops cedarwood

1 tsp jojoba

Apply the mixture to the hair and scalp and massage for 10-15 minutes. Do this once a day until hair health improves.

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Simple Tea Tree Essential Oil Recipes for your Psoriasis Problem

Simple Tea Tree Essential Oil Recipes for your Psoriasis Problem

Psoriasis is a pesky skin condition that can bring you a whole lot of stress and problems as well as to those around you, but you can find a natural solution to this disease in tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree oil is known for its therapeutic effect in conditions such as acne, dandruff, insect bites and fungal infections including Athlete’s foot. With its positive effects in skin conditions, there is little doubt on its treatment result on psoriasis.

Psoriasis and Tea Tree Oil

Psoriasis is now a common skin condition where it speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. It causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin where it forms scales and red patches which are itchy and sometimes painful.

This condition is definitely stressful and can be embarrassing especially when others have no idea about it and may think it’s a contagious disease.

Fortunately, a natural remedy can help treat this stressful condition.

Tea tree oil is one of nature’s most powerful healing resource. It has anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it the best treatment for skin conditions including psoriasis.

It helps prevent infection as well as the inflammation associated with this auto-immune disease while stimulating the immune system to support your skin health.

Tea Tree Oil Recipe for Psoriasis

Lotion Blend

15 drops tea tree oil
5 tsp borage seed or evening primrose oil
5 drops myrrh oil
5 tsp carrier oil (avocado)

Combine all the ingredients together in a non-reactive bowl and apply to affected areas at least twice a day.

Essential Oil Mix

1 drop tea tree oil
1 drop lavender oil
1 drop geranium oil
2 tsp carrier oil

Mix the ingredients and place in a dark glass bottle. Apple it to the affected areas to soothe soreness and promote healthy skin.

The benefits of tea tree essential oil are vast. But it is toxic when ingested and should always be diluted. You need to have appropriate knowledge on its safe use in order to achieve effectiveness. And be sure to use the best quality oil there is.Get your essential oils from reputable companies such as Juju Aroma and start your journey towards a healthy and natural lifestyle. Juju Aroma’s tea tree oil has a 5-star rating on Amazon and customers are raving about its greatness. Check their products out now.




Stay Clear Off Insects with a Powerful Yet Natural DIY Insect Repellent from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Stay Clear Off Insects with a Powerful Yet Natural DIY Insect Repellent from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is quite popular for its wonderful, uplifting citrusy scent akin to fresh oranges which has become everyone’s favorite. This refreshing scent gives sweet orange oil its energizing and revitalizing effect on everyone who’s lucky enough to take a whiff of it, especially on a dreary day.

In addition to sweet orange oil’s relaxing yet cheerful vibe, mother nature’s gift has loads more to offer. This essential oil has cleansing, stimulating and toning action which makes it an ideal detoxification treatment along with other lymphatic stimulants. It is also great for dispelling tantrums and frustrations, replacing this negative energy with a warm and bright disposition.

Moreover, the benefits of sweet orange essential oil crosses over from being a therapeutic treatment to the mind and body to being an amazing addition to homemade cleaning and beauty products.

With all these remarkable effects that sweet orange oil have, many tend to forget about its effectiveness against insects.

Sweet Orange Oil as an Insect Repellent

Citrus sinensus, or otherwise known as sweet orange, is a favorite fruit of many people all over the world. Without these people’s knowledge, sweet orange is not just a healthy product of nature. It is also rich in the substance limonene, found in its peel and zest, which is lethal to insects such as fleas, fire ants, mosquitoes and flies. Its high level of limonene, which is 90 to 95%, therefore, makes sweet orange oil a very effective insect repellent.

The limonene in sweet orange oil affects insects on contact, suffocating them and damaging their respiratory systems. Even just the scent of oranges repels flies and mosquitoes.

DIY Insect Repellent Recipes

Lotion: Mix a few drops of sweet orange oil into an aroma-free lotion or carrier oil. Use it whenever necessary but be sure to stay away from sunlight.

Spray: Fill a glass spray bottle with water and add a few drops of orange oil plus tea tree oil and mix well. Spray it all over your body when needed.

Sweet orange essential oil is a very effective insect repellent without the harmful chemical substances. But do remember to only use high-grade essential oils for the best results. Inferior oils from unknown companies are noted for their negative effects, so steer clear off those.

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Looking Into the Effects of Eucalyptus Essential Oil on Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Looking Into the Effects of Eucalyptus Essential Oil on Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Eucalyptus essential oil may be quite popular for its positive effects to the respiratory system but its benefits to those suffering from arthritis and muscle pain should not be overlooked. No wonder this helpful plant is favored by the koalas. Its health benefits are massive and its wonderful strong scent is an added bonus.

Relief for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most chronic illnesses in the United States, and it can lead to irreversible damage and disability. It’s a good thing the benefits of eucalyptus essential oil on this condition has been discovered.

A 2013 study on patients who underwent total knee replacement showed that inhalation of eucalyptus oil was effective in decreasing pain and blood pressure of the subjects.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of eucalyptus oil make it an effective treatment for the relief of the symptoms of arthritis.

It can help soothe joint pain associated with the inflammatory condition arthritis.

It helps relieve the inflammatory process in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Here’s a recipe for relief of arthritis and other joint pains.


8-10 drops of Eucalyptus oil
8-10 drops of Peppermint oil
3-5 teaspoons of carrier oil (Moringa oil as recommended)

Instruction: Mix all the ingredients together and store in a dark, glass bottle. Apply on the affected area for instant pain relief.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, just like joint pains, can be an obstruction to our daily tasks. These conditions can be a hindrance and can cause irritation and anger.

Fortunately, eucalyptus oil, with its pain-relieving properties, can help soothe tired and aching muscles.

Eucalyptus oil is a natural vasodilator, which helps open up blood vessels causing an improved blood circulation and oxygen distribution to the muscles.

Several recipes for the relief of muscle pain can be used with eucalyptus oil.

1.Massage Oil: Mix 5-7 drops of eucalyptus oil to a teaspoon or two of carrier oil and massage into the affected muscles.

2.Spray: Add 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil into a dark, glass spray bottle with water and simply spray to painful muscles for relief and a wonderful warm sensation. It can also be used to warm up the muscles for exercise or sports activities.

3.Hot Bath: To relax and soothe aching muscles, just add 20-30 drops of eucalyptus oil to your hot bath water.

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Citrus Oils and Their Great Anti-Oxidant Powers

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Citrus Oils and Their Great Anti-Oxidant Powers

Citrus oils such as lemon and sweet orange essential oil are pretty much everyone’s favorite because of their wonderful uplifting scent. But aside from this rejuvenating effect, what benefits can we get from these beloved oils?

Sweet Orange Oil as an Anti-Oxidant

Sweet orange oil and the members of the citrus family are quite popular for their mood boosting effects. They work on the brain’s chemicals and hormones to create a positive effect in our mood. Not to mention the wonderful sweet smell they emit that will no doubt bring a contented smile to our faces. This has been one benefit that is well loved and a favorite of essential oil users.

Aside from this energizing effect, another impressive benefit that orange oil has is its anti-oxidant powers.

One study on the anti-oxidant activity of orange oil has revealed significant results.

Sweet orange essential oil contains considerable amounts of carotenoids, phenolic compounds, a-tocopherol and phytosterols.

It also showed free radical scavenging capacity.

The antiradical efficiency of orange oil followed a decreasing order which adds value to wastes from orange processing.

These results signify an impressive anti-oxidant ability since this action is correlated to the levels of a-tocopherol which orange oil has a high level of. And the higher radical scavenging activity of this citrus oil has been proven from this study.

There is no doubt about the healing powers of this energizing oil due to its anti-oxidant property. However, its positive effects don’t end there. The benefits of sweet orange essential oil are extensive and quite remarkable.

Amazing Benefits of Sweet Orange Oil

As powerful as sweet orange oil is as an anti-oxidant, there are other benefits that this wonderful gift of nature is also notable for.

It has antibacterial properties and is great as an ingredient for cleaning products.

It can be the perfect air freshener because it can effectively eliminate bad odors and can cleanse the air.

It’s a great anti-anxiety remedy and can get rid of other mood disorders.

It has a healing effect on the skin especially for warts, corns and calluses.

The versatility of sweet orange essential oil is outstanding. It is no wonder it has become a favorite of many aromatherapy fans.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil And Recipes For Its Most Common Use: Sinus Relief


Eucalyptus essential oil is most popular for its benefits to the respiratory system. And clearing the nasal passages which causes sinus relief is one of this oil’s most common uses. When diffused into the air, eucalyptus oil provides relief for mental exhaustion and stuffed airways and also gets rid of harmful airborne bacteria.

If you are suffering from sinus congestion, colds and the flu, try eucalyptus essential oil and you will definitely be a fan of it.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to the Respiratory System

Eucalyptus essential oil is helpful in treating numerous respiratory problems which includes cough, colds, asthma, nasal congestion and sinusitis. It is a natural decongestant and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a wonderful ingredient in many respiratory medicines.

Aside from its positive effects to breathing, the benefits of eucalyptus essential oil are extensive and quite advantageous to other body systems as well as to the spiritual being.

It is a great antiseptic because of its germicidal properties thereby healing wounds effectively.

It is a stimulant and has a cooling effect which is great for removing mental exhaustion.

It is great for joint and muscle pain relief because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also effective against cavities, plaque, gingivitis and other dental infections.

There are so many conditions that eucalyptus essential oil can help with. And this makes it an ideal oil to have at home as an alternative treatment to many specific problems.

Eucalyptus Oil Recipes for Certain Respiratory Problems

Shower Cube for Sinus Relief

Ingredients: 5 to 7 drops of eucalyptus oil

2 tbsp. water

1 cup cornstarch

Mix the eucalyptus oil and cornstarch together and gradually add water until the mixture forms a paste. Place the mixture in an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer until it is set.

To use the cubes, simply place a cube or two on the shower floor during bathing. The aromatic vapor will diffuse during your shower and provide a decongestant effect.

Massage Blend for Sinus Relief

Ingredients:8 drops eucalyptus oil

5 drops peppermint oil

5 drops rosemary oil

2 oz. jojoba oil

Mix all the ingredients together and place in an amber glass bottle.

To use, pour 1 tbsp. of the mixture onto your palm and massage on the back, neck or chest.

Aromatherapy using the top essential oils will give you the best experience and provide optimum wellness. And for the best relief for sinus and other respiratory problems, Juju Aroma’s eucalyptus oil is an excellent choice. Customers rave about these “very fine oils” which definitely “clears up the congestion”. Check these oils at Juju Aroma now. You won’t be disappointed.






A Guide to Cooking With Your Favorite Essential Oil: Rosemary Oil

A Guide to Cooking With Your Favorite Essential Oil Rosemary Oil


Have you ever thought of using your rosemary oil as an ingredient in your favorite dish? Because you can! Just as long as your essential oil is the food grade type which is very much safe for internal use.

Experiment with one of nature’s most powerful gifts not just with your personal products, cleaning items and alternative medicines, but also in the kitchen. Essential oils are an all-rounder!

Essential Oil Cooking Safety

Before you go on with your essential oil cooking adventure, do remember these guidelines and ensure proper use and safety.

The first rule of cooking with essential oils is “use the tiniest bit initially”.

One drop of essential oil is often too much when cooking. Use a toothpick or skewers in adding them to a dish.

Add your essential oil to the cooking oil to distribute the flavor evenly.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are very potent when used inappropriately. Please practice precaution not just in cooking with them but in everything you do with these oils.

Cooking with Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is one of your chef’s favorite ingredients to cook with. It is an aromatic and pungent herb that pairs well with roasted lamb, garlic and olive oil. But when it comes to rosemary essential oil, how can you cook with it?

Here are some tips in cooking that our essential oil gurus want to share.

Put a few drops of rosemary essential oil on your hands and rub it in your meat to reduce the carcinogens in it.

Mix a couple of drops of this oil into your hamburger before making patties.

Add a drop or two of rosemary oil to the olive oil in your marinades, dressings or even to your pizza dough.

A drop of this pungent oil will heighten the flavor of vegetables and pasta dishes.

The benefits of rosemary essential oil go beyond its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial and analgesic properties, to name a few. It is also the best when it comes to your culinary adventures. But for this, never forget to use food grade essential oil!

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