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Founded by two nature enthusiasts that are very engrossed in nature’s way of healing, Juju Aroma is not your average essential oil provider. The efforts the founders have done to fuse together something that they love doing and have great customer service at the same time is not the only reason why you should consider trying their products.

Co-founder Jeffrey used to suffer from dry skin, and stress due to staying inside an air conditioned office for several hours a day. This resulted to him being always tired and not wanting to spend time with his family after work. One summer afternoon, Jeffrey and co-founder Meina decided to trek into the mountains and do a nature trip that could change their lives forever.

You may say that the rest is history, but as cliché as it may seem, Juju Aroma was founded right then and there during that nature trek. People need to be healthy, and so the founders believe that nature is one very important factor in creating essential oils. Since nature’s way of healing is still the best non-medical method that could be applicable to everybody, Juju Aroma swore that they will deliver everyone’s essential oil need.

Juju Aroma is committed in making a healthy and natural alternative to medicine. With extra commitment to research and development, Juju Aroma provides their clients products that are the result of hard work and the will to help.

A tranquil and healthy life is what everybody wants to have. Here at Juju Aroma, we will help you achieve what you want in life.


  • I recently started using essential oils again, and forgot that I purchased these oils a while ago. Now, more than ever before, I am so thankful that Juju Aroma makes such great products. I can’t tell you how many headaches I’ve cured with these oils, as well as how many different aches and pains that have been healed. They are amazing products and worth the money. I am extremely happy with this purchase. I am truly happy I found this as my go to daily essentials and skipped another brand instead. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you so much.

    Juju Aroma makes such great products

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